Welcome to Southern Crossup 2019

Southern Crossup (SXU) is the largest and longest running fighting game tournament in New Zealand. Every year, more and more players from around the country travel to compete in fighting games to determine who will be crowned our champions.

This year we're teaming up with some awesome groups of people to put on the best Southern Crossup to date! We'll have all latest fighting games for you to compete in our main tournaments, so get down to your locals and start running sets!

3 days of fighting games in an all new venue, right in the heart of Auckland city. Close to ammenities and accomodation, planning your weekend away couldn't be easier. Any fighting game fan, competitive or otherwise, would be a fool to pass this up.

Dates: October 4 - 6
Location: Auckland CBD, New Zealand

We'll be seeing you in October.

Main tournament Games

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  • dbfz-logo
  • sf-logo
  • mvci-logo
  • ssbu-logo
  • samsho-logo

Interested in running a game not listed? Get in touch with the team and we'll try our best to accomadate.

Community run games will be announced via our social media channels.

The Venue · Auckland University of Technology

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  • AUT is the second largest university in New Zealand. We have been a university since 2000, but a place of learning for 120 years and operate in accordance with the Education Act (1989).

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Rules and Regulations

Match Expectations

In the event that you are not present for your match pool judges will do everything possible to play past your match. If you are called a second time and do not respond, you will forfeit the match in question. The accepted time limit is five minutes. Any pausing is an immediate loss of the round. This must be reported to the judges at the time it happens, if the match is played to conclusion after this occurs, the offending party will not be penalized. Judges will force a match forfeit if they witness a pause or controller interruption to the match. Pauses that occur in guaranteed loss situations (i.e: Critical Art animations) will not be penalized.
In the event of a controller/arcade stick malfunction a suitable replacement must be found, stopping the match to replace a controller must be alerted to the judge immediately. If this occurs between matches neither player will be penalized. If a player stops the match to replace his controller this match will be forfeited.

Performance and Collusion

Collusion or match fixing of any kind is not acceptable. If we determine that competitors are willfully manipulating match results they will be disqualified from the event and in turn forfeit the rights to titles or prizes they would have otherwise earned. This determination is at the sole discretion of the Standing Fierce directors. If a player so chooses to forfeit a match, it must be told to the judge prior to the match starting. In this case, neither player would be penalized and the forfeiting player would move to the loser’s bracket if in winners, or removed from the tournament if in loser’s.


We have a zero tolerance policy towards threats, harassment and physical violence at any Standing Fierce event. Any attendee breaking this rule will immediately be evicted from the event, and your door and entry fees will be forfeit. Depending on the severity of the act in question, Standing Fierce will not shy away from bans from future events. We understand that in certain situations, someone may not feel comfortable publicly addressing such incidents. If this is the case please seek out a tournament director to relay your concerns.

Players will be held responsible for any and all damage to Standing Fierce equipment and venue property. The Standing Fierce team is not responsible for damages or loss of personal property. Please be mindful and courteous of other attendee’s property, if you find lost or misplaced items please turn it in to the registration desk or a Standing Fierce staff member. Theft is not tolerated at any Standing Fierce event. If an attendee is found to be in possession of stolen property, then they will be evicted and banned from future Standing Fierce events.