All I want for Xmas is..

  • Friends to team up with for the last major NZFGC calender event of the year!

    The last stop for FGC events in New Zealand this year. We've seen it all in 2018, Garden of Might in Christchurch set the pace in March followed by Waikato Arena Rampage in Hamilton with a pair of events in Crush Counter Capital and Biggie Breezy this year in Wellington setting the stage for Southern Crossup in Auckland.

    Don't stress too much about securing a team, we'll help with creating them on the day. Scroll on down and fill out that registration form!

    Main Team Tournaments

    Street Fighter V
    Tekken 7
    Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
    Dragon Ball FighterZ
    BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle


  • Name
    F1/51 Hobson Street
    November 24 2018
    Doors Open

    Megaweb is a place where gamers can chill and game together solo or multiplayer, an internet cafe with an extensive selection of the most popular games but also dealing in trading cards game such as magic the gathering and consoles such as PS4 and switch.

    Air conditioning on almost all the time so you can stay cool while gaming!


Register your details and we'll send through a confirmation email once we've cleared your payment!

All Tournament games except Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are played on PS4 consoles unless otherwise stated. As a competitor you are required to provide your own controller. Rulesets are individual to each game, if this is your first major event please familiazrize yourself. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

As with all our events please be respectful to your opponent, spectators and tournament staff during the weekend. Staff reserve the right to ask you to leave the premise if you are conducting yourself in a less than desired manner. If you have any concerns with your experience over the weekend please do not hesitate to reach out to any of our team. All event sales are final.

Registrations are now closed. See you all at Redzone Rumble 3!

Event Rules and Regulations

  • All games are run using double elmination brackets
  • Tournaments are seeded by region, it is important to select the correct region on your registration form to help our team ensure you avoid facing players from your local scene early on in the bracket.
  • If players can not come to an agreement on what side to play on, a game of paper-scissors-rock will determine who gets to pick their side.
  • You may request a double blind character selection. Please call a tournament organizer if this feature is desired.


The top 3 placements for each tournament game will receive a percentage of the entire prize pool for that game. Prize pool is determined by the number of entrants multiplied by the tournament game entry fee plus any additional pot bonuses added.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place's will be paid out 70/20/10 respectively. First place winners will also recieve a commemorative championship trophy.